Choke on cinnamon buns?

Thursday, October 6, 2011
I wrote in a previous blog post about that I get upset about bad programming. I stumbled upon a prime example of bad programming from the excellent website Jävla skitsystem on that it was not possible to buy 20 identical cinnamon buns at 7-eleven at the same time because it crashes the cashier system and it would take 15 minutes to reboot.

I don't know what is most stupid? That there is an actual limit on the amount of goods you can buy, that the system crashes without recovery if you pass this limit or the fact that it takes 15 minutes (!) to reboot. First I cannot understand that the programmer was so narrow-minded he/she could not imagine these situations. Second I don't understand that the company delivering the system did not catch this in their testing. What kind of procedures do they have? And this system handles money...